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Boat Type and Make
Length Weight
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We will send you the QUOTE within a few days.
Rig dimensions in metres:
Foretriangle I  m J  m
Foretriangle Is  m Js  m
Main: P  m E  m
Mizzen: Py  m Ey  m
OPTION 1: For a quote we require only 
the area of the sail and Boat Type, 
Length and Weight.
OPTION 2: If you do not know the area of the sail, 
we can calculate the area using the following 
measurement information I and J or P and E

Measurements in metres
MAINSAILS Luff Leech Foot No.Reefs Cloth Weight Area  Mainsail Type
Mainsail: m m m gr
Mizzen: m m m gr
HEADSAILS Luff Leech Foot LP Cloth Weight Area  Headsail Type
Headsail: m m m m gr
Headsail: m m m m gr
Headsail: m m m m gr
Headsail m m m m gr
The above quotes for Main and Headsails are for our standard version made in Selected Premier Dacron in crosscut.
If you would like alternative cuts or cloths etc., please complete the following list.
LP (luff perpendicular)
is the distance from
luff to clew
SAILCLOTH: Standard is Selected Premier Dacron
send quote also for Sail(s) in:
High Aspect    Cruising Laminate
CUT: Standard is Crosscut
send quote also for Sail(s) in:
  Two-ply Leech Bi-radial
Tri-radial Crescent Cut

MPS / Blister
(MPS Multi Purpose Spinnaker / Blister - asymmetrical)
Measurements in metres
Tri - Radial

Radial Head

SPINNAKERS Luff   Cloth Weight Area   Tri
MPS Blister m gr
Spinnaker m gr
Design: We can offer you three types of cut
Colours: Up to three colours included in the standard price. 
              Colour range depending on availability
Symmetrical Spinnaker
Colour: up to three   more    
Tri - Radial

Radial Head

Colour range: light blue, ocean blue, dark blue, white, red, green, 
fluorescent green, fluorescent raspberry,yellow, coast gold, 
orange, black, grey, purple
Colour Panel Layout (MPS / Blister)            
Colour Panel Layout (Spinnaker)            
Notes:        Remark 1:
Additional information and tips (e.g.cuts, colours, gybing an MPS, etc)
can also be found in our website under Spinnaker or Info and Tips
Remark 2:
Spinnakers and MPS / Blisters with an area greater 
than 200 sqm in 1,5oz (approx. 68gr), will be made with 2-ply leeches.