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Rig dimensions in metres:
Main: P m E m  
Mizzen: Py m Ey m  
Backstay adjustable Mast
Max. Curvature cm Position Half Height P?

Dimension of Main and Mizzen in metres
(P Luff measured from top of boom to top of head Fig 1 and Fig 4) (E Foot measured from back of mast to centre bolt Fig 1 and Fig 5)
Mainsail: P Luff E Foot   Weight gr     Area
Mizzen: Py Luff Ey Foot   Weight gr     Area
Sailcloth: Standard is Dacron
Cut: Standard is Crosscut

Reefing hook:
Outhaul Car
A: Back of mast to centre bolt mm
E :Top of boom to centre bolt mm
D :End of boom to centre bolt mm
B :Top of boom to centre bolt
of outhaul car
F :Width of outhaul pulley / shackle mm
G :Width of tack eye mm
H :Back of mast to reefing hook mm
I :Top of boom to reefing hook mm

Standard: we deliver the sail with tack / clew rings see sail specification
Optional: tack / clew with pressed eyes
Sail Number: No. Flo Stripe:  Colour
Luff: battenslide car system    
If yes, give details on next page see Fig 10.. For other luff systems see - Fig. 3
LUFF attached to mast width: in Fig. 3  
A= mm B= mm C= mm D= mm
  Slide model No.: Length mm
FOOT attached to boom with :Free-flying foot:  
  or in Fig. 3  
A= mm B= mm C= mm D= mm
  Slide model No.: Length mm
Mast (make):    
Boom angle standard 88°   or ° or straightline dist. from
head (mast) to clew (boom)

Remarks: If you have reefing hooks on your gooseneck 
fitting as shown in Fig. 4 and 7 we fit standard reefing 
rings on the sail - see Fig. 13

If you have no reefing hooks on your gooseneck fitting 
we can fit a pressed eye with webbing band and two 
st. st. rings - see Fig 14.
Type of fitting: A B (no extra change)       
We can design standard reefing positions, or you can specify by giving us the following information - see Fig. 1
No. of reefs Side for reefing ring : 1st 2nd 3rd

Horizontal priority (when reefing points on boom are fixed):  

(Back of mast to centre reefing eye leech)

R1h m  R2h m  R3h m

Vertical priority (when reefing points on boom are variable):  

(specify height of centre reefing eye luff above boom)

R1v m  R2v m  R3v m
Battens:  only full length  part short / part full 

Please note that when a mainsail has full length battens there is usually a larger roach (leech curvature) and the leech should have backstay clearance (to avoid chafing when tacking). Check your existing sail or in the sailplan to see that this clearance space is available. If you are unsure, please
contact us for more information or send us your sailplan.

Remarks: We deliver F/B mainsails excluding battens and cars.
We can advise you about where you can order battens and cars if necessary.

Alternatively, if you already have a F/B mainsail and you wish to re-use the existing fittings and battens, then we would require the following information:

  • number and type of full length battens
  • length of each batten
  • number and types of batten cars and intermediates, and headboard car type
  • number and type of leech fittings for battens
  • Fill in these relevant details in the following list.

    Full Batten Mainsail - extra measurements:

    Length of each batten (from top to bottom) Round or Flat
    Only complete this section (1 - 6) if you wish to re-use your existing battens.

    cm     J mm      K mm
    cm     J mm      K mm
    cm     J mm      K mm
    cm     J mm      K mm
    cm     J mm      K mm
    cm     J mm      K mm
    Batten slidecar system : Make
    Model No.
    J: (Fig 09) Height / Diametre of Batten = mm  
    K: (Fig 09) Width of Batten = mm
    L: (Fig 10) Luff  Box Length         = mm
    Box Height = mm
    N: (Fig 10) Back of mast to luff = mm
    O: (Fig 10) Centre axle slide to luff = mm  
    P: (Fig 10) Back of mast to centre hole of headboard = mm
    R: (Fig 11) Available width for webbing = mm
    S: (Fig 11) Available width for fitting = mm

    If you have no Leach Box,
    a leach batten flap (above)
    will be supplied.
    M:(Fig 12) Leech Box Length  mm
    Height mm

    Boat name
    Boat Type and Make
    Length Weight
    Tel e-mail
    Address for Order
    Confirmation and
    Address for sail delivery
    Date for sail delivery
    Other comments
    We will send you the ORDER CONFIRMATION / INVOICE and our bank details within a few days.

    The Measurement Sheets for filling in and sending directly from this Website were tested and found to function only with Internet Explorer 5.5 and Netscape 7.0 and their more recent versions. Alternatively, you can send us your completed printed out Measurement Sheets by fax or post.